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Instructional Voice Videos & DVDs, Learn to Sing

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Learn to sing overnight or improve voice quality and develop power with instructional videos. Learn breath control, phrasing and interpretation.

The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists Video

The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
DVD Only - $19.95
Sing with more power and passion under the guidance of Donna McElroy, Berklee professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, and vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records.

In this Master Class, McElroy shows you how to use the whole body to become the best singer you can be. See her work with a vocal student one-on-one, demonstrating how to use different muscle groups to increase vocal strength and endurance. She also provides lifestyle tips and simple everyday exercises to help you cultivate and protect the source of your vocal power – and sing with more freedom, force and stamina.

51 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Vocal Technique - Developing Your Voice for Performance Video

Vocal Technique Developing Your Voice for Performance
 Vocal Technique
DVD Only - $19.95
Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. Lessons include: warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. Anne Peckham is a professor of voice at Berklee College of Music.

53 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Harmonic Ear Training Video

Harmonic Ear Training
 Harmonic Ear
DVD Only - $19.95
Author: Roberta Radley. An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, this DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians. You'll learn to: recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently, and incorporate them into your writing and performing, listen to music more analytically, and apply this knowledge to all of your projects.

73 mins.
DVD - All Region.

The Singer's Toolbox Featuring Mark Baxter Video

The Singer's Toolbox Featuring Mark Baxter VHS - $14.95 $0.99

DVD - $14.95
Every instrument requires maintenance – including the voice! Presented by Mark Baxter, a renowned vocal therapist with an international roster of clients, The Singer's Toolbox is jam-packed with essential information, exercises and tips for any style singer. No prior training's needed. Just slip this in your DVD player or VCR and learn: how your voice works – with clear examples and demos; four steps to keep your voice strong; performance tips; and how to repair vocal damage. Includes a lesson book.

50 minutes.
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region.

Lead Singing and Rhythm Guitar - Finding Your Bluegrass Voice Video

Lead Singing and Rhythm Guitar - Finding Your Bluegrass Voice DVD Only - $29.95
One of America's greatest performers helps bluegrass players improve their singing and fine-tune their rhythm guitar playing. Peter Rowan imparts wisdom and advice based on decades of experience playing and singing with bands from Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys to Old and In the Way. He provides invaluable tips on breathing, phrasing, vocal improvisation and the intricacies of guitar accompaniment for bluegrass songs. Peter teaches and analyzes a set of classic songs from the repertoire, including: Blue Moon of Kentucky • Walls of Time • Wayfaring Stranger • In the Pines.

90 mins. Includes Music + Tab • Level 2
DVD - All Region.

Singing Salsa - Cantando Salsa Video

Singing Salsa - Cantando Salsa DVD Only - $24.95
Learn the essential techniques and secrets of traditional and modern salsa singing! This exciting bilingual DVD covers: breathing techniques and warm-ups; 3-part harmony; bolero, son, guaracha, salsa and more forms explained in detail; improvising techniques and performance tips; full-band demos featuring the hottest players in Latin music; full videos in both English and Spanish; and more! 43 minutes.

Born in Puerto Rico, Willy Torres has had a thriving musical career since childhood, singing backup for Menudo in his early teens, and going on to tour the world in premier Latin orchestras. Torres is now a mainstay of the New York salsa scene, recording and touring with international artists.

DVD - All Region.

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