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Auto Harp and Folk Harp Instructional Videos and DVDs

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Harp lessons on DVD - learn to play the harp or improve your skills with instructional videos. Learn to play folk or auto harp.

Learn to Play Autoharp Video

Learn to Play Autoharp DVD Only - $29.95
A step-by-step learning guide by John Sebastian, to the autoharp - one of the most beautiful (and easiest) traditional instruments. Includes the use of fingerpicking techniques and how to pick out melodies and play instrumentals in the styles of the great traditional players.

Level 1.  60 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Bryan Bowers' Autoharp Techniques Video

Bryan Bowers' Autoharp Techniques DVD Only - $29.95
Bryan Bowers, widely regarded as the leading autoharp virtuoso, breaks down his techniques to help players get into advanced songs and styles. He teaches thumb lead with index finger backstroke; the art of good accompaniment; and how to find the melody and add harmony parts to it. Bryan also gives invaluable advice on harp set-up, tuning, chord bar set-ups, use of picks (on all give fingers), avoiding arm tension and injury, and more.

Level 2.  85 mins.
DVD - All Region.

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