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Kids Instructional Musical Instrument Videos and DVDs

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Music for kids - learn how to play or improve your skills with instructional videos and DVDs. Kids learn how to play guitar, harmonica, fiddle and ukulele.

Electric Guitar for Kids Vols. 1 & 2 DVD Set

Electric Guitar for Kids Vols. 1 & 2 DVD Set
 Electric Guitar for Kids Vols. 1 & 2 DVD Set
DVD Only - $34.95
Artists: Marcy Marxer and Pete Kennedy.

Pre-teens and teens will take their first steps toward rock stardom with these encouraging, entertaining and fun-filled electric guitar lessons.

Marcy and Pete take kids through all the steps necessary to start playing in minutes! Bonus: Audio play-along backup tracks for great practice sessions.

DVD One teaches kids the parts of the guitar, how to hold the pick, fretting their first notes, getting a basic rhythm groove, playing power chords and beginning to improvise. Emily (11) and Jake (14) help out to show that kids can really play this stuff.

DVD Two: Kids will take their skills to the next level with blues grooves, barre chords, hammer-ons, string bending and wailing lead solos. By the time they're finished with this DVD they'll really be rocking out and ready to go on to more advanced studies.

Level 1 & 2. Includes Music + Tab.
140 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Play Music Together Video

Play Music Together
 Play Music
DVD Only - $19.95
Play Music Together is a terrific concept - a 'family music experience for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers with parents and caregivers.'

Learn guitar by learning songs you can play and sing with your kids! Includes over 35 guitar lesson videos, and six full songs: "Wheels on the Bus," "I've Been Working on the Railroad," "If You're Happy & You Know It, Clap Your Hands," "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," "The ABC Song/Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "The Crawdad Song."

120 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region.

Smartstart Guitar Video

Smartstart Guitar VHS - $19.95

DVD - $19.95
A fun, easy approach to beginning guitar for kids. Every kid wants to play guitar, and this innovative new instructional method lets them do just that! It's designed for use in the general music classroom, and is developmentally structured to get all beginning guitar students playing and singing from the very first lesson, no matter what their level of experience. Whether you have a small group or a classroom full of students, this program will help you, the music teacher, provide a quality musical experience, even if you are a beginner yourself! It's easy to use and before you know it, you'll be helping even young children to play well and build general music skills, one success at a time!

For all ages.  Composer: Jessica Baron Turner.
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region.

Kids' Guitar Video Vol. 1

Kids' Guitar Video DVD Only - $24.95
Play in 10 easy lessons! Children from age 6 to 12 (and their parents) will be delighted with this easy-to-follow video guitar course, the first devoted entirely to them! With clarity and lots of good humor, noted children's performer Marcy Marxer gets kids started on the joys of singing with the guitar and a basic understanding of music.

90 minutes • Includes Chords • Level 1 (ages 6-12).
DVD - All Region.

Kids' Guitar Video Vol. 2

Kids' Guitar Vol. 2 VHS - $24.95 $0.99

DVD - $24.95
More easy lessons! Marcy Marxer covers simple fingerpicking arpeggios, use of the capo, basic chord theory and the tools needed to learn hundreds of folk, country, spiritual, school and campfire songs.

75 minutes • Includes chords • Level 1/2 (ages 6-12).
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region

Fiddle for Kids Vol. 1 Video

Fiddle for Kids Vol. 1
VHS - $19.95 $0.99

DVD - $19.95
Luke and Jenny Anne Bulla teach the basics – tuning up, bowing, hand position, posture, finding the right size fiddle and more – to their seven year-old brother, Jed, and to the young student at home. The beginner will use these skills to play “Boil the Cabbage Down” and be ready to dig into more advanced studies and repertoire. Includes Music.

Level 1 (ages 6 - 12).  50 mins.
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region.

Fiddle for Kids Vol. 2 Video

Fiddle for Kids Vol. 2 VHS - $19.95 $0.99

DVD - $19.95
After a quick review, students get into some real fiddle playing! Focusing on building repertoire, Luke and Jenny Anne Bulla break three tunes down into small, easy-to-grasp sections. By the end of this lesson (and with some practice), learning fiddlers will perform Old Joe Clark • Tennessee Waltz • Devil's Dream.  Includes Music.

Level 1/2 (ages 6-12)
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region.

Fiddle for Kids Video Vols. 1 & 2

VHS only - $39.95 $0.99
Complete two-tape series. Kids teaching kids . . . . what a great idea! Teenagers Luke and Jenny Anne Bulla, two rising bluegrass fiddle stars, help young players get started the right way. These championship winners are young enough to remember how they got started and make learning to play fun.

VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)

Ukulele for Kids Vol. 1 Video

Ukulele For Kids Vol. 1 DVD Only - $19.95
Play in 10 easy lessons. Marcy Marxer teaches the parts of the instrument, how to hold it and tune it up, and nine popular songs! This excellent introduction to music covers finger coordination, ear training and basic theory. Attractive on-screen graphics illustrate fingering for the five basic chords taught here.  Includes Book + Progress Chart.

Level 1 (ages 5 - 10).  55 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Ukulele for Kids Vol. 2 Video

Ukulele for Kids Vol. 2 DVD - $19.95
The next 10 lessons! Marcy and Ginger present five new chords and a variety of strumming techniques. On-screen chord charts, graphics and lyrics make understanding the chords, and learning to sing and play nine more great tunes, easy and fun.  Includes Book + Progress Chart.

Level 1 (ages 5-10).  45 mins.
DVD - All Region.

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