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Sound Recording and Pro Audio Instructional Videos

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Sound recording videos - learn sound recording or improve your  skills.  Learn how to record sound; mike drums, guitars, pianos, horns, vocals, strings; reverb and delay; multi-track recording; and mixers and mixing.

Live Sound Reinforcement Video

Live Sound Reinforcement DVD Only - $39.95
Author: Scott Hunter Stark. Based on the bestselling MixBooks title, the Live Sound Reinforcement deluxe DVD is for anyone serious about operating professional sound reinforcement equipment – whether you run sound for a rock band, mix acoustic performers in a small club or want to understand the best way to set up the PA in your house of worship.

This nearly 3-hour DVD guides you through the ins and outs of components, setups, mixing and troubleshooting, plus fundamental principles and concepts. You'll see hands-on demos, tips and techniques used in real live sound situations, both indoors and on outdoor stages, and learn tricks from experienced experts. With excellent production quality and detailed graphics, this is the finest DVD ever produced on the subject.

DVD - All Region.

Shaping Your Sound With Signal Processors Video

Shaping Your Sound With Signal Processors DVD Only - $39.95
Volume 1 of 2. For more than a decade, this classic video course has taught professional recording techniques to thousands of musicians, students, engineers and producers. Now, the five-video Shaping Your Sound series has been re-mastered and released on two separate DVDs! Volume 1 demystifies and explains the secrets of expert audio recording in an easy-to-understand manner so you immediately get the most out of your sessions. You'll learn how to use EQ to open up the sound of your recordings, understand how to use compressors to alter the dynamics of any instrument, and see dozens of demonstrations showing you exactly how to get the most out of reverb and delay effects. Hosted by world-renowned educator, producer, and engineer Tom Lubin, this DVD will give you the skills you need to make good recordings sound great.

150 mins.
DVD - All Region.

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